Fishing Tournament

2nd Annual Flathead Catfish Fishin’ Tournament

Biggest Flathead

Where: Your Favorite Fishing hole!
When: July 8-9 2023
Method: Rod & Reel
Entry Fee: $100

Please go to Flathead Med in Skiatook to pay your $100 entry to seal your spot in the competition.

Three Categories

Rod N' Reel
Jug N' Line (up to 3 man team)
Noodling (up to 3 man team)


Biggest Flathead Catfish: $1000
2nd Biggest Flathead: $500
3rd Biggest Flathead $200
Ugliest Flathead $250

*Three Categories/Three Prizes per Category
*Contestantes can enter up to 2 Categories
*Cannot use the same fish for multiple categories

Ugliest Flathead $250

NEW: Biggest Blue Catfish Wins $500 (any method)

Weigh-In Time

July 9, 2023 6PM
206 E. 3rd. St
Skaitook, OK 74070

Rules and Regulations

  • Must have a valid Oklahoma Fishing License
  • Must film landing the catfish
    - Time stamp from video is needed to verify when the fish is caught
  • Lines in at 12:01am
  • Weigh in at 206 E 3rd St Skiatook OK, 74070 at 6pm
  • No late fish accepted. No exceptions
  • Fish must be alive to be weighed
  • Participants may only submit one fish for each category, Biggest Flathead Catfish and Ugliest Flathead
  • All entries are subject to a polygraph test


It is important to remember this is a friendly competition between friendly people in our community. Please remember it is extremely important that each participant be respectful toward your fellow competitors and display proper conduct throughout the event. 

Our biggest requirement is to be certain you are equipped with the proper equipment to keep your fish alive and healthy. It is important to our fisheries to return these breeders back to where they were caught. 


Please submit payment via Venmo

Fishing Tournament Entry Form